Below are the most common casing sizes we buy and sell.

Our offerings are not limited to what is listed below, so please contact us with ANY casing needs.

We are currently buying the following sizes:

  • 315/80R22.5
  • 11R24.5, 11R22.5
  • 275/80R22.5
  • 295/75R22.5
  • 255/70R22.5
  • 385/65R22.5
  • 425/65R22.5
  • 445/65R22.5
  • 455/55R22.5
  • 445/50R22.5
  • 12R22.5

Casing sizes we currently stock and ship from our Sumner, WA warehouse:

  • 11R24.5
  • 11R22.5
  • LP22.5
  • 275/80R22.5
  • 295/75R22.5
  • 255/70R22.5

Casing sizes we can offer direct shipped from our suppliers:

  • 11R22.5 A, B, R1
  • LP22.5 A
  • 275/80R22.5 A, B, R1